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Dural’s friendly family-owned local grocery store

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Pick from yoghurts and dairy products that you won’t normally find in the supermarket, or search for quality pastas, antipasti and cured meats or cheeses from France, Italy and Australia, not to mention a wide selection of continental breads and other unusual cooking ingredients.


Our friendly team help you choose the freshest products so you can prepare delicious meals that will keep you and your family healthy. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask.

Experience + Passion = Quality Guarantee

Our family has been in the fruit and veggie game for over 30 years. Experience and knowledge has been handed down through the generations. From an early age, our parents, Gus and Gina, taught us Carlo, Anthony and David the ropes of sourcing good, fresh produce, packing it and presenting it to appeal to our customers. Heading off to the market early in the morning instilled in us the value of hard work, family and how quality fresh fruit and veggies keeps your family healthy and happy.

Being local ourselves, we love to share our knowledge and in return you give us your wisdom – we’re always up for learning something new from our customers. We have grown the family business into a thriving hub of beautiful produce and excellent customer service, just like local stores used to be when our parents started out.

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